...to the Machine Knitting 101 blog. Over the next few months, I'm going to post pictures of various MK techniques, so this will become an online reference guide for how things look!

There will be pictures of various cast-ons, cast-offs, cables etc. It should be an interesting resource!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Transfer tool cast off, in pictures.

Transfer your stitch...

...in front of the gatepost

...behind the gatepost and...

...lay in new yarn and knit back by hand.

This is my favourite method of casting off, after latch tool - one in front, one behind, repeat. Not as stretched out as behind all gateposts, and not as tight as in front of all gateposts.


Amoonsinger said...

Want to make sure I am reading this one correctly.

For this bind off you transfer a stitch first wrapping it behind the gate peg then knitting off and then in front of the gate peg and binding off.

Am I correct in what I am reading. I haven't seen this one before.

steel breeze said...

Yes, that's correct. It's halfway between "transfer sts all behind" (which can flare out) and "transfer sts all in front" (which can be too tight). I made it up to get a happy medium :)

Anonymous said...

I have been looking at this again as I have gotten a little more experienced at machine knitting. I had totally forgotten that I had even posted here but remembered seeing this.

I will give this a try today and see how it goes. I think this would make this cast off much easier to do once the hands and machine agree to corporate with each other.

MaryJeanne (amoonsinger)