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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Cast off: around ribber needles

Cast off around ribber needles

If you do not have gateposts on your machine, but you have a ribber, this is an alternative to the "around the gateposts" cast off, and the result is the same.

Shown on a Passap E6000

ETA: Method

If you are right-handed, start on the right, or vice-versa. This also means your carriage should end on the right.

If you are casting off around ribber needles, set the ribber to half pitch and push all ribber needles the length of your knitting fully forward.
Transfer rightmost stitch to transfer tool, put needle out of work. Transfer stitch left onto next needle, in front of the gatepost/ribber needle. Pull this needle fully forward (it should have two stitches on it). Using main yarn from carriage, knit this stitch back by hand.
Transfer the newly-created stitch onto the next needle on the left, knit back by hand as before. Repeat until all stitches knitted back. Break yarn, pull through last stitch and tighten.

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Knittaxa said...

I don't know the cast off "around the gateposts" and I don't know this kind of cast off on the Passap. Could you try to describe how it has to be worked?