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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Free move, free pass

How to do a free move - in other words, how to get your carriage from one side of the machine to the other, without knitting, and without dropping stitches

Brother: Both part buttons in, set carriage to hold - hold is not necessary in most cases, but if you have needles in hold they may return to B position and drop the work.

Silver/Knitmaster: Use the carriage release lever, ie "pop the top"

Toyota: ??? Not sure, can someone tell me?

Passap: Gx/Gx

Note: with the Japanese machines, you can take the carriage off one end and move it to the other. It's not possible on my Passap E6000 because the colour changer and other things are in the way.


Unknown said...

I am looking for an knitting machine but don't want to buy an used an don't have alote of money so want to get the most out of one please help

steel breeze said...

It's not easy to help someone who remains anonymous, but this article might help:


If you only want to buy new then a Silver SK280 or LK150 is the way to go (the latter is a beginner's machine, plastic bed and suitable for handknitting yarn).