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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Hems: decorative scalloped hem

brother scalloped

This hem is from the Brother knitting techniques book, page 128. It's an 8 row hem, and then groups of stitches are moved using the transfer tools, six stitches on the first row, five on the third, and so on. 


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful and yet so simple!

Michel Maling said...

I love this hemline. Is it done exclusively on the Brother, or was there handwork involved?

I am busy exploring different knitting machines and which is the best to buy. I don't have much information about the brother, but I would like to share this article with your readers and I will expand on it as I get more information.


steel breeze said...

Hi Michel,

It's in one of the Brother books but you can do it on any machine. Thanks for the article, come find the machine knitting group on Ravelry and we can help you narrow down your choices! :)