...to the Machine Knitting 101 blog. Over the next few months, I'm going to post pictures of various MK techniques, so this will become an online reference guide for how things look!

There will be pictures of various cast-ons, cast-offs, cables etc. It should be an interesting resource!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cast off: Figure of 8

Figureof8a, originally uploaded by steel breeze.

Figureof8b, originally uploaded by steel breeze.

Knit last row as normal.
Needles in WP.
*Knit nd1 back by hand to make loose stitch. Bring needle out to Holding, Fig A, insert transfer tool from back to front towards yourself, turn transfer tool round, and leaving stitch on 1st needle, hang loop on transfer tool onto needle 2.* Two loops on needle 2. Rept. from*

You have total control over slackness of loop.

Useful for full needle rib cast offs, also useful to bind two edges together where stretch is needed.

Thanks to Alison Lee for sending this!

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