...to the Machine Knitting 101 blog. Over the next few months, I'm going to post pictures of various MK techniques, so this will become an online reference guide for how things look!

There will be pictures of various cast-ons, cast-offs, cables etc. It should be an interesting resource!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cast on: knitted back

caston-crochet, originally uploaded by steel breeze.

Created by wrapping the yarn around leftmost two needles, and knitting back the leftmost needle.

Step one

Step two

Cast on complete


Anonymous said...

Hey Steelbreeze!
It's KatiesMama1 from Ravelry here.
I love that you did these photo lessons; makes it so much easier for a newbie like me to understand. Thanks especially for the cast on knitted back lesson. I've been looking through my Brother books and couldn't find anythinng like that.

Raewyn Levis said...

Whew, finally something i can relate to. I love the photography work, nice and clean imagery, what you see is what you get. Very excited to do the knitback cast on because that looks like my handknitting cast ons.