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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Cast off: Brother linker

bindoff-linker, originally uploaded by steel breeze.

I've never really got on well with this device, it only ever seems to want to work on samples and always goes wrong on important work. Of course, your mileage may vary - some people swear by these things! Mostly I just swear *at* mine! :)

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Ian Baldwin said...

Possible linker problems:- The bed needle should fall JUST to the right of the linker needle. There is an adjustment on the underside of the linker to move the metal finger that pushes the bed needle (single screw move finger left/right). The plastic cam that moves the pin holding down the stitch on the linker needle may need lubrication. A further adjustment is the gap and position of the "table/channel" into which the knitting is fed for linking. If all else fails I find a battery operated "LED head torch" and small screwdriver very helpful in ensuring the bed needle falls to the right of the linker needle.